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To lead in a global company is such an exciting challenge for many leaders, as there are many different countries with each of own characteristics within to be dealt with. It is no exception for Andrew Price, the Group Chief Commercial Officer of ISS. For him, leadership is most importantly about understanding himself and the people that he is leading, as well as delivering result together to achieve the organization’s goal.

Strong leadership skills and people management are essential in ISS because people are the source of its personal and business energy. During his visit to Indonesia for the Asia and Pacific (APAC) Commercial Leaders Conference 2019 on October, Andrew shared his leadership experience within 25 years of career working at the world’s largest integrated facility services provider.

Andrew, who first joined in 1995 with the ISS United Kingdom believes that leadership develops with age and with experience. For the last ten years of his leadership journey, he admits that he has changed his behaviours significantly, since he realizes the distinct difference between a leader and a manager.

“When you’re thinking more a leader, you’re thinking about how am I going to motivate these people, how am I going to inspire these people, how am I going to get my team to want to do this, and more, and what environment do I need to create in order they can be successful,” he explains.

Inspired from a book titled “Managing the Matrix: The Secret to Surviving and Thriving in Your Organization,” Andrew finds that leadership is about humility and always wanting to learn and being curious about people which just keeps him going. From the 2014 published book which is written by Dawn Metcalfe, he also agrees about the idea of mentoring in leading in today’s complex work environment.

“Sometimes it’s also good today to get some feedback from a younger generation that maybe sees things in a different way than me. To give me inputs, as well as me being able to give inputs,” Andrew, who graduated from the Modern Language and Economics of Northumbria in Newcastle, says.

From the perspective of this ISS’ Great leader, leadership is necessarily about purpose. Besides the opportunities to learn and to take responsibilities given by the company to him and to the people throughout the world, purpose is one of the reasons of his long-time dedication comes from.

“I live for a purpose. Purpose is really important for me and how you translate purpose into your day-to-day leisure is also important, because there is a balance. I’m looking for something which makes me want to do good everyday as well as deliver the business challenge,” he says.

As a part of his family, the former Chief Operation Officer of ISS UK always puts the business he works in as a part of his family too. For him, leadership is not the only thing that is needed to be able to successfully lead, but it is more about persistence and commitment.

Having his career started in the commercial field and pointed as a Group CCO in September 2015, Andrew believes that commercial people are special people because everything they do is highly visible to everybody, whether it is their success or their failure. Commercial as the growth engine plays crucial role in a key account organization like ISS.

Leadership in a global commercial role deals with many different countries, which means many different cultures, different ways in doing things, different maturity levels, and a lot of opinions. ISS itself operates in more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, and the Pacific.

In ISS Indonesia’s commercial team, there are three components of the global growth strategy that is fundamental to achieve. Those are to KEEP through retention, to GROW our existing key accounts customers, and to WIN new key accounts. Realizing the toughness of this business, Andrew advises that “Whatever you do, have fun.”

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